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central hub and go-to place or metro terminal of all John T. Cullen's sites and works

Metro Webplex (you are here) is the hub of my Internet activity dating to 1996 and now cruising toward my 25th Anniversary (2021) as an acclaimed online author, publisher, and editor online (with many more years' experience overall).

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After years of painstaking rearranging of the furniture, I finally decided on these as my top level segments, with others subordinate to those as topics demand. Those are the links you see across the top navigation bar above the masthead way on top.


My John T. Cullen author page gives more info about my professional background and interests.


The word 'journal' comes from the Latin diurnum, diurnalis (dies, day) typicaly meaning a daily record or account book. I've posted this sort of commentary regularly or irregularly at various times over the years, including my monthly columns and editorials as publisher of the pioneering SF magazine Deep Outside/Far Sector SFFH (see: Encyclopedia of Science Fiction). I have my share of ideas to communicate on politics, writing, history, and in general the Human Condition. I'll be developing those pages soon.

Reading Room

I already have a significant body of books and articles on various (primarily history) topics, including the 1892 Gaslight true crime & famous ghost legend at the U.S. National Landmark Hotel del Coronado near San Diego; the ancient Roman Sator Arepo inscription, which I feel I am the first person to correctly decipher and interpret; a theory about the vanished Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370; and much more to come.


My career as a poet actually ended at age 27, the year when rock stars flame out and in general our hormones take a downward turn (biology; chemistry. I began writing as a child and during my teen and young adult life produced a body of work (over 400 pages) of poetry that I think is worth capturing and preserving.


This is the list of over fifty books, articles, and other works I have produced in my working life as an author. It's my library or, in effect, my bookstore and café to which you are cordially invited.


Clocktower Books (click here) started in early 1996 as two websites (Neon Blue Fiction for suspense; The Haunted Village for SFFH) on which my friend Brian Callahan and I began publishing my work under the pseudonym John Argo (a tribute to the sense of wonder about the early Web, reminiscent of the imaginative journeys of Jason and the Argonauts in myths dating back at least 3,000 years. We became Clocktower Fiction in 1996, and broadened our name to Clocktower Books around 2000. Much historial info is available at the Museum site (see next).


The Museum and Heritage Sites of Clocktower Books are on line for your enjoyment and information, to preserve some key ephemeral history of the early Web, particularly of our work as pioneering Web publishers and authors. Brian Callahan (more lately owner of SighCo was the technological and artistic mastermind, while I provided the bulk of our earliest genre fiction. Heritage sites also include our pioneering online SFFH magazine, whose two iterations (Deep Outside SFFH 1998-2001) and Far Sector SFFH 2001-2007) ran for a decade and published both new and established authors, including winners and nominees for every world-wide top prize in speculative fiction, including Hugos, Nebulas, Sturgeons, and top British, Australian, and Canadian awards. We were always outsiders, as I am still today, but that's okay; most major authors in history had to self-publish or alt-publish to bypass the commercial Gatekeepers of Mediocrity; such authors including Charles Dickens, Edgar Allan Poe, Walt Whitman, Stephen Crane, James Joyce, D. H. Lawrence, Virginia Wolfe, Anaïs Nin, Zane Grey, H. P. Lovecraft, Robert E. Howard, Beatrix Potter, and many more. It's an honor to be part of such illustrious company.


I've written over fifty books, plus stories and articles, covering many subjects. Click on a cover below (press F5 to refresh & change). You can then read more about that book.