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1892 Noir Gaslight True Crime & Ghost Legend

Two Fascinating Books in One Volume

What's A Dead Move? It's a hotel term with amazing resonance in the case of the famous Hotel del Coronado ghost story. For info, check out my special website: Coronado Mystery.

Compare all three books: Dead Move: Kate Morgan and the Haunting Mystery of Coronado (nonfiction; scholarly analysis) with Lethal Journey (novel; dramatization closely based on Dead Move). Both books in one volume: Coronado Mystery

True Crime and Ghost Legend: Beautiful Stranger. The story of the Beautiful Stranger at the Hotel del Coronado, across the bay from San Diego, is arguably the strongest ghost legend in the area. On Thanksgiving Day 1892, a stunning young woman, traveling alone, registered at the Hotel Del under the phony name Lottie A. Bernard. After five days of acting increasingly strangely, she was found dead of a gunshot to the head on the back steps of the hotel, following a literally dark and stormy night of raging wind and ocean waves. Her story was immediately picked up by the Yellow Press of the day, and became a national sensation on the internet of the times: the telegraph. Until I published Dead Move, nobody had a clue who she was, or why she died. Rumors of scandalous affairs with men in high places abounded. The nation was breathless. The death certificate, oddly, has two names on it, and other mysteries abound. Time passed, and she is remembered only as the famous ghost of Room 3327 in the Hotel Del.

Two Books in One I originally wrote my nonfiction, scholarly analysis Dead Move in 2008 while still working as a part-time shuttle driver at the Hotel del Coronado. I didn't need the job, but it paid off in unexpected info and joys. The pay was a pittance, but the payoff was beyond measure. I loved the atmosphere, the people, the ambience, and most of all the history and mystery. About a year later, someone suggested that I write a noir period thriller (fiction, closely based on Dead Move, dramatizing the true story to make it easier to follow). I had a dramatization in Dead Move, but it was a bit wooden, and I removed it in favor of a stand-alone novel. Now I have combined both books in one volume.

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