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Disclaimers: I have taken a scholarly, neutral view of the mystery of vanished Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370. I am not a conspiracy nut of any type, but a careful thinker and researcher who prefers to keep all the options on the table. The authorities clearly have not done this, while spending hundreds of millions of dollars, several years, and untold political and other capital on a totally failed search.

My recommendation, had anyone listened, was to also search in the northwestern Indian Ocean between the Horn of Africa and the Maldives Islands, where credible witnesses reported seeing the aircraft. Those reports were dismissed by corrupt governments in the region, who had reasonably plausible motive to suppress the possibility (one among several) of my proposed scenario. I proposed the plausibility of a plot (also suggested early on by industry commentators) wwhereby the aircraft was hijacked by Islamic extremists. The hijackers' (their organizers') goal would have been to fly it to North Africa, weaponize it, and drop it as a devastating bomb on some target of propaganda opportunity in Rome, Tel Aviv, or other location. Another location might have been the Straits of Hormuz, to choke up the channel taken by oil tankers, and thus bring down the world economy. We can reasonably infer that the mission failed, but if we do not consider all the options (lemmas, as I call them) and remain alert to all possibilities, they may pull it off successfully next time—having learned from their mistakes.

Special Dedicated Website: MH370 Africa Gambit covering the mystery of the lost Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 from its disappearance on 8 Mar 2014 to the present and ongoing. At times day by day, a chronoly of milestones, articles, and my commentaries.

Compare: Vanished Flight 777 (June 2014) and MH370 Africa Gambit (June 2016). I was careful not to even use the the flight number (MH370) in my title, to avoid being part of the inevitable rush of opportunists peddling meaningless paranoia and propaganda. Instead, I used the aircraft type (Boeing 777-ER, Extended Range).

In June 2014, just a few weeks after the disappearance, I published the first of two books about this mystery (cover at right). I had been following it with interest, like most people, but I started taking special notice when I felt a significant part of the evidence was being jettisoned for political reasons in the region (southern Asia, Australia). I published a dramatization (novel) under the title Vanished: Flight 777, laying out a leg (lemma, or given) of the possible explanations that had been swept off the table. In 2016, on the second anniversary of the vanishing, I published a second book which included the text (dramatization or novel) of the first book, plus a lengthy introductory preface.

I am not a conspiracy nut, but I have reluctantly come to the conclusion that the operation was too sophisticated to have been carried out by amateurs. It is almost certain that, if Lemma 3 is correct (hijack with malicious intent), then this was the work of a state intelligence service in the region. In today's increasingly toxic world environment, it is likely they will try again, with devastating results.


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