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Two Books in One—This book contains an early poetry collection plus a novel I wrote at age 27 while stationed in West Germany with the U.S. Army. The poetry collection was originally titled Pauses in 1980, and retitled Cymbalist Poems when I finally published it in the last few years. The novel sat gathering dust for over forty years, and I only published it in 2016 under the title On Saint Ronan Street. The two works go together in a deep and (for me) profoundly moving way. I like to say they are like twins separated at birth, and reunited nearly half a century later.

What unites the two books spiritually is that the struggling young poet in the novel (the fictitious Charles Egeny) is really myself as a young man. When I published these two works separately, plus in this combined volume, I added a few sample poems of my own to fill out the unspecified poetry of Charles Egeny as he has his passionate love affair with a beautiful, neglected young married woman in New Haven, a Yale faculty wife whose husband has been for too long AWEL or 'absent without emotional leave.'

Compare: Cymbalist Poems and On Saint Ronan Street (novel). Both books in one volume: 27Duet

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