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About John T. Cullen's Webplex

Hierarchy of Navigation. I've been publishing on the Internet since early 1996, and in that time I have originated my own concepts about Web publishing. For many years, I had a dream about organizing my far-flung activities in an orderly, top-down hierarchy. I'm now closing in on that dream.

Colors; General. Typically, heavy green is the anchor for a row. In the top row, any item you click on (Poetry; Publisher; etc.) will turn dark green in its row when you land on that site. In the case of Brainxit (political commmentary) you'll be able to step down to a subordinate row (subplex) in which for example Brainxit is green (anchor for that subplex). The challenge is to provide an easy, intuitive mechanism for stepping upward and downward in the hierarchy. I don't intend to build this out to more than one or two subplex rows if that. This enables me to present my scattered domains and interests in a reasonably cohesive (and hopefully coherent) fashion.

Top Level. At the top level you'll find some of my main interests starting with Metro Webplex (absolute pinnacle) at left, and the most important sites to the right of that.

In Development. I'll be continuing development of the hierarchy and its content-sites through early 2017 and then it should all be finished (barring the need for any other key additions). All will become clear in time. Meanwhile, please do enjoy reading my novels, nonfiction, poetry, and essays spanning many years.

Poetry & Film in Writing. As will become clear, I began my writing life as a poet and, indeed, that is what I still am at heart. As I have learned over the years, sadly, that means a lot of people seeking what I call fast food writing (predictable; I'll say no more) will not be able to dial in to my prose. For those of a more literary bent, I not only provide rich fare, but clarity as I explain that, fundamentally, I write in a rich, often poetic manner—and, in some cases more than others (e.g. Robinson Crusoe 1,000,000 A.D., a cinematic style that proceeds at its own pace. More on this soon.


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