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welcome to the central hub and go-to place or metro terminal of all John T. Cullen's sites and works

Metro Webplex (you are here) is the hub of my Internet activity dating to 1996 and now cruising toward my 25th Anniversary (2021) as an acclaimed online author, publisher, and editor.

Author of 50+ books: John Argo is the SFFH pseudonym of Jean-Thomas Cullen or John T. CullenAuthor John T. Cullen. To date, I have published over fifty books, articles, and stories online. I continue working hard as a researcher, journalist, novelist, essayist, and history writer to bring you more.

New: Journal. Effective Summer 2017, I will start posting regular stories, articles, and essays on this webplex. Years ago, I commanded the top 10 most of the time at in Nonfiction/History, plus consistently high placement in several other categories (fiction and nonfiction). I will soon write new work, and reprise a number of the articles I published at Fictionwise on topics as varied as the final day of the Roman Empire (which happened in 1453, not 476); the Paris Gun of 1918, first to launch a man-made projectile into the edge of space; a possible instant ice age happening quickly, soon, as a result of global warming and the disruption of long-standing world ocean currents; and many other fascinating topics in such areas as history, religion, and linguistics. I call this project my Journal because I will post often and regularly. More info soon.

Top Level Sites:

After years of painstakingly rearranging furniture, I finally decided on these as my top level segments at my Metro Webplex, with other sites, subdomains, and folders to be posted as topics demand. The top level eight are the links you see across the top navigation bar, over the masthead atop this page. More info here and ever in progress.


My John T. Cullen author page gives more info about my professional background and interests. Will include regular Journaling by summer 2017.


I already have a significant body of books and articles on various (primarily history) topics, including the 1892 Gaslight true crime & famous ghost legend at the U.S. National Landmark Hotel del Coronado near San Diego; see the website for much more. I published the first true online ebooks in 1996 (museum info).


My career as a poet actually ended at age 27, but produced over 400 poems.


Selected fiction, including several dating to the genesis of Web publishing. I published the first true online ebooks in 1996 (museum info).


Clocktower Books publisher website.


The Museum and Heritage Sites of Clocktower Books.


I've written over fifty books, plus stories and articles, covering many subjects. Click on a cover below (press F5 to refresh & change). You can then read more about that book.